City Paddle Boards

The first historic city tour using Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs) in Ireland! A unique and stress-free take on seeing a city as you learn the art of SUP along the way. It is a perfect way to experience the historic city from a completely relaxing perspective.

The tidal estuary of the famous Feabhail (pronounced fyauil) or Foyle River flows through the historic Walled City of Derry. To the north is the Atlantic Ocean and to the south, the heart of Donegal in historic Ulster. Your tour goes upstream or down with the flowing tide.

When on the water, you will notice the silence immediately. Calmness emanates from the blue-way through the city. Experience the hush and view nature up close in the middle of the urban centre.

The icing on the cake is a stop-off at Pyke N’ Pommes Street Outlet when you come off the water for a yummy fish taco (additional to tour cost).
Special twist: Take the Paddle Boards tour at night and experience the calmness of the city from a truly unique perspective.

From £40 – £100pp

Price Includes
2 hour SUP tour

Other information:

Excludes Pyke N’ Pommes taco
Suitable for individuals and up to 10 people
Wetsuits and gear are provided.