Slow Adventure Experiences in Leitrim

Slow Adventure gives you the opportunity to “take it all in” as you experience breathtakingly beautiful scenery when you visit Leitrim. Getaway and explore the North West of Ireland like never before. Here you can immerse yourself in nature, and reconnect with the environment at a slower, more reflective pace. Take a deep breath, and come with us on a Slow Adventure experience.
We have a wide range of unique Slow Adventure Experiences to choose from as you plan your visit to Leitrim. They will take you on a journey through nature as you float down the Shannon, walk in the wilderness, picnic in the shadow of ancient trees or forage for food along the earthy riverbanks.
Adventure slowly when you visit Leitrim
Should you decide to adventure slowly, you can choose a range of single day or overnight experiences. When you visit Leitrim you can stay in luxury accommodation while experiencing the best that Slow Adventure has to offer – food, activities, friendship, and nature.
Slow Adventure provides responsible, environmentally friendly travel experiences. The people and businesses we work with have been chosen both for their quality and environmental credentials.

See our choice of Slow Adventure Experiences below
Adventure Gently 8

Explore the unspoilt beauty of Leitrim by water and land. Exploring the Waterways is a full day experience filled with activity.


Have you ever wanted to learn to fish? If you have, you will love Leitrim! Slow Adventures remind us of the simple things in life.


County Leitrim, is a natural treasure trove. Home to Slow Adventure, this corner of the North West of Ireland brings you unexplored landscapes.


A slow adventure is the ideal way to explore and enjoy a landscape, its wildlife, people and hidden gems. The ‘Trekking the Waterways’ experience was designed…

Discover New Landscapes by Bike

Enjoy a cycling holiday as you pedal your way back to nature on the quiet trails of Leitrim.

Lough Allen Adventure

There are a choice of adventures awaiting you whether its windsurfing, kayaking on the Shannon Blueway or reaching the summits of Northwest Ireland’s wonderful mountains.