Learn to Fish

Have you ever wanted to learn to fish? If you have, you will love Leitrim!

Slow Adventures remind us of the simple things in life. They remind us that by slowing down we can actually experience more. On this Slow Adventure you will learn new skills; you will learn how to engage with nature, its waterways and its wildlife. And you will have so much fun as you do!

Leitrim is an angler’s paradise with its multitude of lakes and rivers all brimming with bream, tench, rudd, roach, salmon and pike. The perfect place to learn how to fish!

When it comes to fishing, local knowledge is key. There is nothing better than to be greeted by a fellow enthusiast who lives in the area and who knows the best lakes and rivers in the area.

Are you looking for a fun adventure for all the family? Well, this is slow adventure experience promises you that. You will learn the basic skills of how to prepare your fishing rod, tackle, line, bar and all the technical details of fishing including how to set up your fishing station!

And it promises to be a rewarding experience too! Our experienced Angling Guides will bring you to a well-stocked lake. Here you will be shown how to treat the fish with care and release them back – as we say, “Catch a fish & make a wish!” You will enjoy a slow flood picnic lunch as your guide entertains you with his local knowledge and fishing tales!

Like every slow adventure, this is a hands on, interactive one. Allow yourself to soak it all in, to enjoy the relaxed banter and learn as new skill as you do.

From €138

Price Includes
4 hours fishing adventure
All equipment provided
Slow food picnic lunch
Learn the basic skills from an expert
Catch & Release